Group Therapy

Information About Group Therapy:

Cognitive behavioural and narrative therapy techniques are used to help

clients learn about and manage their anxiety, depression, and/or anger.


When & how often does group meet? 

Groups meet once a week for 60 or 90 minutes. Our groups are usually held late in the afternoon or early evening to accommodate student schedules.

Groups are 8 or 10 weeks long. Emotion Regulation groups are 6 weeks.

Can I do both group & individual therapy at the same time?  

You can do both. You can also join group therapy while on a wait list for individual therapy.

Please discuss this with the therapist involved to decide whether this is the right fit for you.

Call or email today to discuss any concerns, questions, or to register you or your child for one of the groups.

Next Group Dates:

Managing Moods

For youth struggling with anxiety &/or depression

Jan- March 2018

(please click on PDF 

to view flyer for details)

Circle of Security

For parents struggling to connect with their children

Wednesdays starting Oct. 21, 2020