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Music Therapy

Why Music Therapy?

  • Increases Self Confidence

  • Boost Memory Recall

  • Strengthens Fine & Gross Motor Skills

  • Improves Social/ Emotional Development

  • Builds Communication & Aids in Speech Development

  • Fun & Engaging

 No musical training/experience is required!  Music therapists are trained to support a range of abilities, and will provide musical experiences to match the client.


Musical Experiences Possible Within Music Therapy

  •          Songwriting is a tool that can help express emotions, and can lead to insight by providing form and structure to thoughts and feelings.

  •          Improvisation provides a nonverbal means of emotional expression.  Useful for people where talk therapy is contraindicated.

  •           Instrument playing can be used to address physical goals such as improving fine and gross motor coordination.

  •          Receptive listening experiences can be effective for improving mood and cognitive functioning.

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