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The Full Story

Play 2 Learn Academy
(coming in 2024)


Play 2 Learn Academy is a private, multi-disciplinary, educational and therapeutic organization servicing Niagara region.  We've supported hundreds of families since opening our doors through therapeutic programming in 2016 and now are offering academic programs.


with a vision of  a hybrid program bridging the gap between therapy and education; the goal is to create a program that changes the landscape of available services for kids with diverse needs in Ontario. 

The Play Clinic is committed to:

  • evidence-based and clinically appropriate service,

  • respect for neurodiversity, 

  • operating from the midpoint of behaviour science and mental health,

  • and, balance and trauma-informed service delivery across therapeutic and educational streams.


Play 2 Learn Academy is a specialized private school and therapeutic service provider located in the Niagara Region. Using the science of learning; ABA and social learning theory, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, neurobiology, the Dunn sensory model, and a commitment to experiential (hands-on) learning combined with strong foundation in mental health supports, we motivate our students to achieve academic excellence, personal greatness and develop resilience and coping mechanisms.


Being a student in a Play 2 Learn Academy classroom is an interactive experience. With an appreciation for the various learning styles within a classroom, our teachers ensure that curiosity is sparked and learning is naturalistic, relevant and meaningful for each student. 

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