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9 Fantastic activities to do with family

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

So much time in a day, and yet the same old activities are getting boring? Well why not try these 9 activities that will give you something exciting to do with your family! Why not plan some time to buy new sidewalk chalk and encourage your child(ren) to begin doodling with you, this is guaranteed to give you and your child(ren) time to bond and grow closer to each other. Or why not one day apply the bug spray,and take a small hike in the woods or along a nearby trail and experience the wonders of nature together and it will also you the moment to teach your child(ren) about the many animals that you can encounter on your little journey! And here’s a list of a few other exciting activities to do with your child(ren), the whole family can enjoy together!


  • Plan a day at the Beach

  • Plan a trip to the Zoo

  • Plan a picnic at the Park

  • Have a small bonfire & roast marshmallows

  • Plan a visit with grandparents

  • Family movie night

  • An afternoon of board games

  • Have a adventure

  • Teach them a life lesson

  • Put them in a type of lesson

  • Discover new things together

  • Blow bubbles together

  • Have a family friendly contest


Enjoy being at home or outside with your child(ren) and enjoy their company!

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