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Summers Arrived!

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

This weather is beautiful, and you have plans for a wonderful and fun long weekend with the family.... As I try to convince one child she needs to wear sandals to the park and can't go barefoot, I simultaneously try to talk the other one into having something to eat (because 5 minutes into our trip he will be hungry). I feel some frustration starting to rise up within me and its only the beginning of the day! Then instantly feel guilty- What about all those parents I see whose children seem to do what they are told and are so cooperative, polite, and compliant? What have I done wrong? Where have I failed in parenting?

Summertime is here... Our children will have good days and rough days! Regardless of which day you are facing with your children, just know you are enough! It's okay that sometimes you feel frustrated. It's okay for your children to not always be co-operating, that's real parenting. Hang in there, if today isn't a better one for you, maybe tomorrow will be.

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