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Clay Field Therapy

Professor Heinz Deuser pioneered this technique in 1972. Clay Field therapy is a Haptic form of therapy using sense of touch to relate to and manipulate the resources of clay, water and sponge.


As a child, Adolescent or Adult reaches out to touch the Clay Field, they will automatically receive a response from the clay that will resonate to their body. Whatever the body is needing for healing will be processed in the Clay therapy. This healing process is what is referred to as a sensorimotor loop; getting inputs from sensory signals and generating motor signals (movement); which in turn leads to a new sensory input.


Although Professor Heinz Deuser started developing this technique in 1972, it is still a relatively new approach to treating attachment and developmental issues, anxiety, depression and trauma. It is especially helpful for children with ADHD or ADD as it assists them to develop structure in the Clay Field, increase focus and ultimately increase structure and focus within their daily lives. 


The Clay Field is a safe modality to use for treating various conditions and transforms people with coping with past issues of attachment and trauma and development issues and creates a renewed sense of self and coping mechanisms.


Working with Adults. Contrary to popular belief, trauma can be healed. Not only can it be healed, but in many ways cases it can be healed without long hours of therapy, without the painful reliving of memories and without continuing reliance on medication. Old trauma symptoms are examples of bound-up energy and lost lessons, we learn how to be present, every moment becomes new and creative (Levine 1997); Corneila Elbrecht 2013 p 323 Trauma Healing at the Clay Field


(Written by Eleanor Gatto)

The 'clay field' is a large, flat box filled with smooth clay. With closed or open eyes, one makes contact with the material and allows the hands to find their way through touching, scratching, digging, kneading, patting, beating ... until shapes start to emerge. Scenes become created, destroyed, recreated ... telling one's story.


At the end of a session, there will be no art object to take home, except an intense and transformative experience.

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