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Faith-Based Counselling

Spiritually Integrated Care 

The Play Clinic practices and believes in inclusivity and recognizes that individuals come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and spiritual traditions. We also recognize that emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of us are interconnected.

This is a space for anyone, including those who seeking support exploring aspects of their faith and/or working through difficult challenges related to their religious backgrounds. It is also a space for who are looking to make sense of experiences and find healing, including from spiritual and religious abuse.

If your struggling, you are not alone!

Upon request, we are able to offer biblical counselling integrated with evidence based practices grounded in neurobiology, trauma, and attachment theories, to address of the complexities of relationships and experiences in life.


  • Counselling for individuals of all ages: children, youth, and adults

  • Family sessions can help you identify where there are challenges to staying connected

  • Couples sessions are focused on supporting you in communicating in a way that helps you stay connected while healing the relationship

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