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Sexualized Behaviours & Sex Offender Treatment
Youth & Adults

Therapists who work with sex offenders and those with sexualized behaviours use a variety of therapeutic interventions to help clients with sexual problems. Jodie uses Internal Family Systems as well as structured, cognitive-behavioural and skills based treatment program including the Risk-Need-Responsivity Model and the Good Lives Model to address sex offender and sexualized behaviours. 

Sex Offender Information

Sex offending can include: pedophilia, hebophilia, fetishes, coercive or non-consensual sexual behaviour, the viewing of child sexual abuse material on the internet, hypersexuality (sexual addiction) etc.

The Criminial Code in Canada includes:

  • sexual interference

  • invitation to sexual touching

  • sexual exploitation

  • incest

  • bestiality (compelling the commission of, and in presence of or by a child)

  • child pornography (making, possession, distribution)

  • parent or guardian procuring sexual activity

  • exposure

  • sexual assault

  • sexual assault with a weapon, threats to a third party or causing bodily harm

  • aggravated sexual assault

  • select offences where it can be proven that the offence was committed with the intent to commit an offence of a sexual nature

  • attempt or conspiracy to commit any of the above offences

The treatment approaches utilized are: The Risk Need Responsivity Model, the Good Lives Model, CBT, and Internal Family Systems.

The Risk, Need and Responsivity model is evidence based and focused on relapse prevention, self-regulation. The Good Lives Models supports exploring all the aspects of a persons identity from a strength based lens and supporting the client to enagage in a lifestyle that is incompatible with offending. These approaches can be used either in group or individual counselling and focus on managing risk and reducing recividism rates. The goals  of utilizing these approaches are for clients to cease coercive, violent, controlling, and abusive behaviours.

The therapist's approach is non judgmental and responsive, supporting individuals from a trauma informed, anti oppressive framework, utilizing social learning theory, interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory, and system theory.

Have a Child or Youth Who has Sexualized Behaviours or has Sexually Offended

Have a Child or Youth Who has Sexualized Behaviours: here are some helpful links as to what is normal and what behaviours may need further assessment


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