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Parts 'n Play in Child Welfare

This workshop is for: Foster/Kin Parents, CYC's, Family Service Workers, Family Support Workers and anyone working with children and youth who want to understand neurobiology, mental health and play based interventions to support connection.

June 5th, 2023

9:30 am - 4:00 pm (est)

Friends of The Play Clinic,


Please join us for this upcoming workshop, expanding on the previous workshop of Strengthening Connections through Play for kids in care.

We work with many bio families, adoptive, and foster families and have seen a curiosity of many case workers, caregivers and educators to understand better the defense mechanisms, triangulations, and behavioural difficulties they are seeing in the young people in their care and attending their schools - and wanting creative strategies to support them. 


We will be discussing the leading-edge theories and trauma treatments including using Parts work, polyvagal theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and the neurosequential model as well as the DSM and having some fun engaging in interactive activities and discussions to enhance our learning with strategies that will effectively support young people who need it.


This workshop will be a resource for families, case workers, and anyone interested in enhancing their caregiving skills or work with children and youth who have experienced stress or trauma.

Jodie Hiebert, MSW RSW, CPT-S   (she/her)

Certified Play Therapist Supervisor

Certified IFS Therapist / Level 3 trained

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II

Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider

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