Online Counselling Sessions

The techniques used in therapy sessions are very well supported through using a webcam or through phone sessions.

Visual contact through video sessions allows the counsellor to observe and notice when there are changes and nonverbal cues that need attention. Many clients report feeling more engaged and connected when working face to face online rather than using phone.

These steps may be helpful:

- Shut down everything but the video session platform. 

- It is a good idea to have my phone number in case the video freezes (905) 964-2470.


The Process:

1) Email or call to book an appt time

2) We will email you a digital Consent Form for online counselling to sign & email back

3) Check your email for a link to join the secure video portal at your appt time

5) Payment - Email $ transfer or Paypal


Please, do not make payment before checking therapist availability. Online payment methods accepted include PayPal / Credit Card and email $ transfer to

Transactions must be completed prior to the beginning of each session.

Cost is $120 per 60 minute session. 

For alternative methods of payment please contact us.